Gold1,811.70 USD
Silver19.80 USD
Platinum868.20 USD

Sell Coins at Coins and Currency of Orlando

1.) Live Chat or
Schedule an Appraisal
Schedule an appraisal or send your coin photos into our live chat for some quick answers. We offer a sell coins appraisal form below.
2.) Evaluate each coin
5 different factors are considered when you sell coins at Coins and Currency of Orlando
3.) Research
We reference price sheets, market indications, and recent auction records to determine a fair market value for your coins worth. 

4.) Walk out with Cash
Coins and Currency of Orlando makes you a competitive offer based on either whether the coin has numismatic/collector value or based on its intrinsic metal value.
Sell Coins As an investor

Investors buy coins based on the intrinsic metal content. The market is constantly changing and we pride ourselves in providing a professional, discreet and up to date market evaluation of your items.  Ready to see how much your coins are worth?
Sell Coins As a Collector

If you are a collector and are looking to sell coins, we would love to have the opportunity to view your collection. To sell coins we need to determine the coins date, mintmark (which identifies where the coin was minted), and establish the condition or grade the coin falls under. We offer a sell coins appraisal form below.