Gold1,810.20 USD
Silver19.83 USD
Platinum867.50 USD

Sell Gold at Coins and Currency of Orlando

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Schedule an appraisal or send your gold photos into our live chat for some quick answers.
3.) Research
We reference price sheets, market indications, and recent auction records to determine a fair market value for your Gold. 
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Coins and Currency of Orlando gives you a competitive offer based on the weight and purity of the Gold. 
Why Sell Gold?

When you sell Gold to us you can expect to be paid a fair price at Coins and Currency of Orlando. For investment grade Gold in the form of minted coins or bars we can offer you 95% of the spot price or higher depending on the type .999 gold that you have. Lower grades of gold that have to be processed into investment grade will start at 80% of melt value. We will pay more depending on what type of gold you have. Ready to see how much your gold is worth?
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Sell Gold to Coins and Currency of Orlando today. Orlando's leading gold buyer, family owned and operated. There are many factors to consider when you sell Gold, and since you work directly with the owners and cut out middle man sales reps you will always get the best price. We offer an online Sell Gold Appraisal form below if you're curious to find out what your Gold is worth now!