Gold1,807.90 USD
Silver19.82 USD
Platinum866.20 USD

Sell Jewelry at Coins and Currency of Orlando

1.) Live Chat or
Schedule an Appraisal
Schedule an appraisal or send your jewelry pictures into our live chat for some quick answers. We offer a sell jewelry appraisal form below.
2.) Evaluate each coin
We determine the purity level of your Jewelry by using state of the art XRF technology through an in house spectrometer to gain exact karat of your jewelry. To determine weight, we use industry tested and approved scales to tell you how many ounces of precious metals or diamonds your Jewelry is made of.
3.) Research
We reference price sheets, market indications, and recent auction records to determine a fair market value of the worth of Gold, Silver, or Diamond your jewelry is made of.
4.) Walk out with Cash
Coins and Currency of Orlando makes you a competitive offer based on what your Jewlerys Gold, Silver, Diamond, or any other precious metal/gems are worth.
Why sell your jewelry? 

Whether your Jewelry has mismatched or broken items, is a custom or a designer piece, Coins and Currency of Orlando is here to serve you. We specialize in evaluating all Gold, Silver, and Diamond jewelry. If we can resell your jewelry, we will pay you more than the intrinsic metal value. Ready to see how much your Jewelry is worth?
we pay what it's worth

Before you take you items to a Pawn Shop or Cash for Gold location, stop by Coins and Currency of Orlando to sell your Jewelry. We'll pay you what your Gold, Silver, and Diamond is worth, nearly matching market values. We offer a sell jewelry appraisal form below.